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July 2025

50無限界, 活出健康新活力



Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

50+ Expo

Medical care, life technology, health food, travel news, investment and financial management, health care and anti-aging, quality life, continuing education, life plan

Within 3 days

63,200 visitors

200 exhibitors and brands

Nearly 110 lectures and events

50+ Expo (Formerly Retiree & Senior Fair), this unique one-stop senior exhibition has been established to provide a distinguished platform to accommodate for the growing demands of an ageing population. It covers all range of products and services targeted at senior citizens, such as medication, daily products, caring home service, leisure, retirement planning, funeral service and life planning service etc. Retiree & Senior Fair effectively combines an exhibition with education and communication on one common platform.

On-site facilitiesMany types

 Free physical examination:

blood pressure, blood sugar, hair, hearing, Osteoporosis, teeth, etc.

​Brand sponsorship starts every day 500 Visitors

 receive a lucky bag

On-site discounts from high-quality brands


Selected physical examination activities

Physical examination partner (continuously updated)

Fair Video


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